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What are the ways to reduce the noise of the chassis cooling fan?

The sound of the cooling fan in the chassis is getting louder and louder. The reason is that the bearing hole is worn out due to the lack of oil in the bearing. The gap between the fan shaft and the bearing is too large, and the axial movement gap of the fan is too large. The fan blades can move a few millimeters back and forth.

   The fan moves axially after rotating, and the rotating plane of the fan blade is also shaking, which not only worsens the abrasion, but also produces a lot of noise. The vast majority of fan failures are due to this reason. Although changing to a new fan is the most trouble-free, it does not conform to the spirit of frugality, and secondly, it may not be possible to find a replacement model immediately.

  The method to solve the noise of the cooling fan of the computer case is as follows:

   1. Clean the dust on the fan first to avoid dust entering the bearing during the installation process;

  2, tear off the sticker on the bearing seal and remove the pin on the shaft;

  3. Wipe the residual oil in the bearing with a clean tissue or soft cloth, and then wipe the shaft;

  4. Add a little butter to the bearing, the principle is to use less and not too much so as not to seriously affect the speed;

5. Cut off the aluminum skin of the can and cut a round piece as large as the outer diameter of the bearing bayonet, and dig a small hole in the middle that can just pass through the shaft, and pad it between the bearing and bayonet to reduce The distance that the small bearing moves axially and parallelly. If the gap is large, it is necessary to add a few thickening pads so that the forward and backward movement distance of the bearing is less than 0.5mm.


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