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Fan cooling principle and composition knowledge

With the development of technology, the functions of electronic products are getting stronger and stronger. In the process of using computers, we will inevitably encounter heat generated by electronic components, which will shorten the use time of electronic products and reduce their service life. Therefore, the heat dissipation of electronic components is becoming more and more important nowadays.

The fan is the best way to solve the problem of heat dissipation. The fan uses forced heat convection to dissipate heat. By virtue of its own diversion effect, the heat exchange between the air and the heat sink is used to take away the heat, thereby realizing "forced convection". "Convection" heat dissipation method

   fans are also divided into many categories, summed up can be divided into the following three points:

   1. According to the blade and air flow, it is divided into: axial fan and centrifugal fan.

   2. According to the working current, it is divided into: DC fan and AC fan.

  3. According to the purpose of the fan, it is divided into: power supply fan, case fan, audio fan, car fan, refrigerator fan, notebook CPU fan and desktop computer fan.

  The composition of the fan: 1. Rotor part: including fan blades, shaft center, magnetic ring and magnetic ring frame. 2. Stator part: including motor, outer frame, bearing and connector. The control part consists of Hall IC, circuit board and

  Composed of a series of originals. However, the bearing is a bottleneck factor in the life of a fan, and it also has an overall impact on the noise and cost of the fan when it passes. The bearing system of the fan is generally divided into the following several (listed one by one according to the price): oil bearing, ball bearing, ceramic bearing, hydraulic bearing and hydrodynamic bearing.


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